Gitte Villesen

It runs about like ants

  • 2014
  • Single projection 34’

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  • 2014
  • Single projection 34’

It runs about like ants is based on meetings with Skaidrīte Knapše from Kurzeme. She was introduced to Gitte Villesen as an expert in herbs. The conversations with Skaidrīte take place in her garden and living room, and the narration moves from the practice of natural healing to Skaidrīte’s family history, which has been marked by the historical events in Latvia during the twentieth century. In the course of visits at Skaidrïte’s, and through the curious intervention of a bee swarm, the contours of a warm friendship between Skaidrïte and her neighbour, Ināra Zarubska also appear.
Present at the meetings are a diverse group of women: Ināra, Signe Pucena, Agnese Lūse, Matilda Mester (cinematographer), Felia Gram-Hansen (field audio recorder), and Gitte Villesen.
(Excerpt from press release)

The idea for the project came after my work I will arrange everything, it will be the best film ever had been shown at the festival SURVIVAL KIT 2 in Riga (2010). In this work three women from Gambia tell about their experience and ideas of magic and healing. The curator of the film programme, Agnes Luse, made the suggestion for a new project dealing with the widespread custom in Latvia of wise women working with healing and magic.

The work was first shown as an installation with double projection at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Riga (2014) and as a single screening at CPH: DOX, Copenhagen (2015).